Eating healthy and maintaining a fit shape offer you a new lifestyle for a better quality of life.

At Vigne Rouge, we offer you the opportunity to stay healthy and fit by providing an R.D,registered dietitian, who will give you  a new vision of diet plans to lose weight without suffering.

A complete nutritional assessment is done by using the segmental body composition analyzer “INBODY 120” giving accurate results about your body, water content, mineral and protein content, % Body fat, and more.

An assesment and a plan is then set to get you on the right track.

Food Intolerance Test

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?
-Bloating, Constipation, Mal absorption, Celiac disease, Gastritis, IBS
-Headache, Migraine Insomnia/ Sleep disturbances
-Water retention, Weight control problems

Food intolerance is an adverse reaction to foods that cause increasingly more health problems. The Food Detective test is safe and simple to use. The test takes 40 minutes to carry out and no special equipment is needed, everything is provided for you in the test kit. The Clinical Dietitian will assist you to read the results and help you to maintain a healthier lifestyle and control your food intolerance symptoms.