The first french line of Spa Serums without preservatives, alcohol, perfume or coloring agents that protects the skin’s health. Created around the principle of osmosis, the line of Spa Serums OsmoSculpt gives an innovative answer to the imperatives of today’s dermocosmetics, with the combination of an osmo-active hydrogel and active ingredients from the latest generation.

 Vigne Rouge is the Exclusive Distributor of Osmosculpt-Lebanon 

Anti-cellulite Spa Serum

The anti-cellulite Spa Serum  is a high tech product created to offer women an efficient solution to reduce their localized lipid overweight. The Anti–cellulite Spa Serum favors the destocking of the lipids and their elimination. The «orange skin» aspect progressively decreases (an improvement of 33% is observed) & the skin is considerably firmer.

It is composed of a trio of innovative active ingredients :

  • Slimming ingredient caffeine
  • Chinese plant ingredient Bupleurum chinensis
  • Ingredient of biotechnological origin Coenzyme A

Anti-aging Spa Serum

The Anti-aging Spa Serum OsmoSculpt is the result of the desire to offer women an efficient solution to counter the negative effects of skin aging.

One of the key reasons behind aging skin and the formation of wrinkles is the failure to produce new collagen molecules.

The anti-aging Spa Serum contains a natural ingredient, matrixyl, spread by an osmotic hydrogel towards the cells that constitute the skin’s support tissue. Matrixyl is a peptide that stimulates the renewal of collagen fibres inside the dermal matrix. Within a few weeks, the anti-aging serum makes the skin softer, more flexible and look younger.

Lasting Hydration Spa Serum

The lasting hydration Spa Serum OsmoSculpt offers  women a solution for efficient and lasting hydration against repeated environmental attacks on the skin. Constantly attacked by the climate and pollution conditions, the skin must be perfectly hydrated in order to be able to protect itself appropriately against these threats.

The lasting hydration Spa Serum OsmoSculpt has remarkable hydrating properties: the studies show indeed that one hour after its application, the cutaneous hydration rate increases by 80% and this maximum protection is still active 7 hours later.